5 Ways to Stay Connected at Home

5 Tips for Staying Connected - COVID Resources from Lisa Ellis and Company - Real Estate in Durham NC

Video Calls, Lunches, or Game Nights!

There are so many great video programs to help you stay connected to your friends and family. Zoom, Skype, and even Facebook Video Messenger allow you to chat with video, or just audio if you prefer. Zoom has been great for meeting with our team while we’re each at home, but it can be used for my creative uses too. Need a little inspiration? Set up a virtual lunch date with one of your friends, schedule a virtual game night with your long-distance family members, or start a book club!

Join a Facebook or Instagram Live Event

In a time of social distancing and cancellations, local businesses and even celebrities are turning to social media to share their talents! Many local fitness studios are offering free classes on Facebook or Instagram Live and even celebrities like John Legend are going live with ‘At Home Concerts’ to provide some uplifting vibes to our quarantined days. 

Send a Voice Memo

We all know how easy it is to send an email or a text message, but you can add a little bit more to your message by making it a voice memo! We love voice memos as a quick way to tell our friends and family hello and that we’re thinking of them. There’s nothing like hearing the voice of someone you appreciate!

Tour a Museum… From Your Couch!

We may not be able to go out to our local museums and galleries, but there are tons we can tour from our couch. Travel & Leisure shared a great roundup of museums with virtual tours, so you can escape to another place all from the comfort of your home.

Have a Virtual Movie Night

If you miss going out to the movies or curling up on Friday night with your friends, you’ll definitely want to check out the Google Chrome Extension called Netflix Party! This extension allows you to sync up your Netflix movie or tv show with your friends from afar! You can watch your favorite movies together and even stay on the phone or Skype during the movie… it’s not quite the real thing, but it’s pretty close!

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