Are you planning to move? Here are some things you can do now to get your home ready, while you have a little extra time on your hands.

Want To Sell Later? Here's How To  Get Your Home Ready Now. | Lisa Ellis & Company - Real Estate in Durham, NC

We’re all guilty of making piles around the home or having a junk drawer. Moving is a great time to go through and evaluate what items you really need and remove excess belongings that have built up over the years. Messy areas or busy spaces often distract buyers when they tour through the home, so focus on removing items and highlighting your home’s best features!

When clients ask us about getting their home ready and home staging, we always make a note that it is important for potential buyers to picture themselves in the home. That means removing any personal items that may distract a buyer. Believe it or not, some buyers may be put off by a simple display of a sports team! Our advice is to keep your home decor as simple as possible and to focus on showing off your favorite spots of the home.

Go for the deep clean
It’s easy to get behind on things like dusting, but buyers will have a discerning eye and might be more likely to notice smaller flaws. A home that looks clean online and in-person lets the buyer know the home has been well-maintained and increases perceived value. When cleaning, go through each room of your home thoroughly to catch all the spots that need to be cleaned!

Pay attention to the details
We see the same sights in our home day after day, so it’s never a bad idea to look at your home through new eyes. You might notice a new scuff mark on the wall or a better way to utilize a certain space. Your real estate agent can also help with suggestions on how to best present a certain space!

Complete any touch-ups you can while at home
If you have paint at home or feel comfortable with a simple repair, go ahead and start getting those items crossed off your to-do list. If you’re unsure about your handyman abilities, start with the easy items and make a separate list for professionals to handle.

Start Scheduling your appointments
Spring and summer appointments book up fast! Do your research ahead of time and start setting up appointments with any home inspectors or service providers. Getting these appointments set up will make it that much faster to get your home on the market!

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