Found your Dream Home, Avoid these 7 Mistakes!

Dream homeFound your Dream?

You have gone through the whirlwind of house hunting and feel like you have seen every house on the market. Now you have finally found the perfect house and can’t wait to call it home. In fact, you have mentally started decorating it and planned your new life around it, but not so quick- you still have a few giant hurdles to overcome. Negotiating and making sure your offer wins the house. And in a highly competitive housing market, that can be easier said than done. From dragging your feet on making an offer to lowballing on asking price to pick your lender, and so much more. Don’t blow your chances with any of these common home offer mistakes! Read the article below in the May 10th article by “In It to Win It: Land Your Dream Home by Avoiding These 7 Mistakes on Your Offer”

Ready to Buy your Dream Home? Avoid these 7 Mistakes on your next offer.

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