National Pink Day – Incorporating Pink Into Your Home Design!

It’s National Pink Day and we know that pink can be both loved and loathed when it comes to home design. We all have seen those old school pink tile bathrooms! However, pink has come a long way when it comes to home design and we’ve seen several chic ways to incorporate the color, without going overboard. Check out some of our favorite pink home design finds below!

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First up, a modern take on the pink bathroom! We love the accent of pink, as it breaks up the neutral tones of the room while being playful but not too overwhelming.

Speaking of accents, we love the accent of pink on an indoor or outdoor door! It adds a fun, whimsical touch, and can certainly be a way to add some flair to your curb appeal!

Pink Accents are also a great way to incorporate a little pop of pink without committing to paint! We love the idea of accent pillows or furniture, that’s also easy to change out if you get pink fatigue.

What’s your take on pink when it comes to home design? Do you love modern decorating with pink, or is it still too scary? Tell us in the comments below!

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