Q&A On Our Current Real Estate Market

Edit April 1st, 2020: As Stay-At-Home orders have been set in place, we now have further restrictions on showings and travel. In Durham County, showings are no longer permitted and we can only provide virtual tours. Where we still can, we will continue to show virtually and can assist with your Real Estate needs by phone, email, or video!

What’s going to happen to the Real Estate market?

There’s definitely a lot of unknown and there are new changes each day. For the time being, we are still seeing activity! We’re talking with other agents locally and nationally to stay on top of what’s happening. Currently, we don’t foresee any huge detriments to the market, although we certainly expect some home sellers and buyers to delay their move. The positive is that the market has been steady after previous health crises, and so far, rates are great for those looking to buy a home. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we’re staying on top of what we see and hear as things change and remain available to serve our clients and our community!

Are people still selling and buying homes?

The short answer is yes! Some people absolutely need to move and current low-interest rates offer a great incentive for those who are thinking about starting a home search. While some sellers have limited showings or delayed putting their homes on the market, we are still seeing a lot of people ready to list their home and plenty of buyers looking for the right property!

Can I talk about listing my home without you coming into my home?

Absolutely! We would love to first chat with you over the phone to hear about your home and what your reasons and expectations are for moving. From there, we can meet over Skype, Zoom, or any other video messaging device. If you want to email or send us pictures, we’re happy to get the process started that way too!

What can I do virtually?

We can do a lot without meeting in person! We’re happy to have virtual listing appointments and meetings. We can also edit video from you to provide virtual tours to interested buyers, or we’re happy to come by and take a video tour for you. We can even complete paperwork virtually online! If there’s something you’re looking for, just ask us, we have the best tools, technology, and tips!

Can I limit showings? How can I safely show my home?

Yes, our Multiple Listing Service is working on new guidelines so that you can list your home for sale but limit or forgo showings all together. You can still build interest and excitement on your home while you wait until you feel more comfortable to have actual showings! Virtual showings are a great alternative to build interest and potential offers for your home.

I’m in the process of buying. How can I safely go and see houses? Should I expect any delays?

If you’re still interested in seeing homes, many home sellers are still opening their doors. Agents are working with sellers to take extra precautions, including wiping down all surfaces and having booties and hand sanitizer available. Of course, we want buyers to exercise good judgement: wash your hands and avoid touching anything in the home, wear booties or gloves, and avoid going out if you don’t feel well. In terms of delays, we aren’t seeing many slowdowns in getting inspections, financing or recording deeds (except in Durham County….ask us why!).

I’m selling my home and would still like to have showings. What can I do to provide safer showings?

There are several things you can do to keep yourself and home buyers safe at showings. Leave doors and cabinets open to limit the things buyers may touch, wipe down handles and surfaces at the start and end of showings, and if you can, have hand sanitizer or hand soap available for buyers. We’re also chatting with the listing agents before a showing so that we’re all on the same page and feel safe!

We know there are a lot of questions floating around, so if we missed anything, feel free to email us at lisa@lisaellis.com! We remain committed to helping you navigate through all things Real Estate!

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